Why Drive With Us?

A driving experience like none other

First off, we want to say thank you for considering us to help you with your rental needs. Here are only a few of the many special features we are introducing with our all electric car rentals:

1. The safest electric cars available to rent. 4-5 Star ratings, nothing but the best for our clients.

2. No mileage restrictions for all local rentals. Get out there and explore the great city of Houston to the fullest!

3. No toll tag fees within Houston! Drive it on any road, freeway or toll-road in Houston as you please.

4. No gas! You don’t have to fill it up and spend money on top of your rental! With our electric cars, there are many locations you can charge for free. We conveniently include a charging cable with your rental, so you can charge it where ever your Tesla takes you.

5. Frustration free. Our electric cars have zero buttons on the dash. They’re the most intuitive cars to use without the complications of dozens of buttons that vary from car to car. Our cars feature a large touch screen that you’re already used to using.

6.  Driving a positive impact across the globe. We want to do more than just offer eco-friendly vehicles as a cleaner solution to traveling. By partnering up with organizations that are passionate about the environment,  we can make a bigger difference in the world. When you choose to drive with us, we pledge to donate a portion of our sales to help fund projects that’ll further our progress to living in a cleaner, greener world. Learn more about our partnership with Rainforest Trust on our “About Us” page.