Do I need to know how to drive an electric car/Tesla before I rent one?

Nope! We welcome anyone and everyone to rent out our electric cars, even if you have ZERO experience with one! We’ll take you through a quick walkthrough of your car on pick-up day, before your adventure begins!

Can I drive your cars out of Houston to another city or state?

Our rentals are mainly for Houston, but if you’d like to take a trip using our rentals outside of Houston, please email us first before you make your reservation at drive@evsgo.com.

Can I use the tollways with my rental?

Yes! As long as you stay within Houston, toll roads are free to use.


What do I need to bring to pick up my Tesla?

A valid driver’s license, credit card, and proof of car insurance.

Will my gas engine car get mad if I drive your electric cars?

Unfortunately we can’t be liable for breaking up any sort of relationship between you and your car when you go back home to it.




Where/How do I charge my electric car rental?

Most 110, 220 or 240 volt wall outlets should work, or if you download the app PlugShare, you can look up nearby charging stations around you. Whole Foods also offer charging stations in their parking garages.

Do I need to buy a charging cable?

We provide one! Every rental of ours comes with a charging cable for you to use. Don’t worry, there’s no extra fee for using it either.

I really like one certain car rental you have! Can I specifically request it?

If there’s a specific bespoked EVSgo rental you absolutely love, please give us a call to make sure it’s available to rent during the time you need it. We’ll do our best to reserve it for you during your time if it’s free.

How fast does it take to charge my rental?

It depends on what outlet you’re using to charge the car. A normal wall outlet will charge about 50-80 miles overnight, so please be mindful how much time you’ll need to charge the car back to the original charge level when you first received your rental.

I have special requests/needs that I need your help with. Can you accommodate me?

We’re always open to special requests/needs. Send us an email at drive@evsgo.com, and if it’s something we can help you with, we’ll certainly try.

Can you pick me up/drop me off at the airport?

If you need us to pick you up at the airport to take delivery of your car rental, or drop you off at the airport after you return your rental, there may be an additional fee for the service. Please send us an email at drive@evsgo.com before you book your reservation if you need this service.

Is smoking allowed in your cars?

All of our vehicles are smoke-free.  We want all of our clients to experience a clean air experience.

I love your Tesla rental so much, I don't want to return it! What do I do?

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. If you want to buy your own Tesla, let us know and we can give you a special code to make your Tesla purchase a little sweeter!